Business Strategy Package

It is paramount for our clients to understand the risks as well as rewards in any venture they embark upon. Our all-encompassing Business Strategy Package is designed to set your business on the path to success!

In an industry where, unfortunately, profits are often more important than the best interest for clients, we don’t simply ‘develope and deliver’ a pre-packaged strategy. Instead, our tailored solutions ensure measurable outcomes, accountability, and a fresh perspective to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our comprehensive package includes everything you need to set a solid foundation for your business growth.

Consultancy &
Advisory Services

How long does the consultancy service take?

This is a 6 weeks program with our experienced consultants!

We work hand in hand with you, providing ongoing consultancy as we prepare essential documents for your business. 

Our holistic approach ensures you fully grasp the strategic, operational, and financial aspects of your business, ensuring you can make informed decisions.

How does it work?

Our business strategy package offers a tailored 6-week consulting program enabling business owners to implement effective strategies that foster business growth, aligning with their professional and personal goals.

How do we do it? We guide you on how to use all the documentation we deliver effectively, ensuring you’re equipped to implement strategies, manage finances, and drive your business forward with confidence.

At Capital, we’re not just consultants; we’re your partners in growth. We put in the work, leveraging our experience to genuinely help you succeed. Our Business Strategy Package offers all these services under one umbrella, providing you with the strategic support you need to thrive.

Let’s transform your business into a powerhouse of growth and success!

What the business strategy plan includes?

The Business Plan will also include:

(but not limited to)

What our clients say about us?

1 - Business Plan:

The core role of our detailed business plan is to gain clarity as to the strategic direction the business will take, what opportunities are available, and the inherent risks that may present themselves on the path to growth.

This plan acts as your roadmap, keeping you focused on your long-term goals and helping you navigate the challenges along the way.


2 - Financial Model:

This concise document highlights the key aspects of your business. We help you identify and emphasise the most critical elements, making it easier to communicate your vision and strategy to stakeholders. It’s your elevator pitch in document form, designed to make a strong impression.

3 - Strategic Business Overview

Our custom financial model analyzes revenue and expense drivers comprehensively, integrating current operations and new opportunities. Whether simple or complex, spanning multiple divisions and business sectors, this detailed 3-year roadmap is crafted through close consultation with you. We provide guidance on interpreting data, assessing viability, and making informed decisions.

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Other Services:

Information Memorandum (IM)

At, we understand that business can often feel like a tough and lonely journey, and raising capital adds another layer of complexity to the process. That’s why we guide you through the process, ensuring you are provided with a highly professional and legally compliant Offer Document (IM) to attract the investment needed to propel your business to new heights.

Raising capital requires a high-level documented plan and financial goals of your business.

Investors require an in-depth knowledge of the business opportunity and the growth path planned for success. To do this, it is paramount that the document outlines the strategy, the goals, timelines, challenges and financial achievements you set out to attain.

We will clearly articulate the capital to be raise, what will be offered in exchange for the capital invested and how dividends (if any) are to be paid throughout the investment process. We will outline areas where competition may be applicable, the SWOT analysis of the business, high level marketing plans, goals and much more. It is imperative that as much information as possible be included in the IM to ensure the raising is successful.

Corporate Structures

A Corporate Structure is the foundational step of establishing your business entity’s legal and operational framework.

Ensuring the correct structures are in place is a vital part to the success of your business. Many businesses operate without solid foundations, that can risk the overall financial position, future, and success of a business.

In this process we will support you in creating and completing entity structures, shareholder agreements, and director approval frameworks, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards.

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